September Promotions...Bonuses and Free Stuff!!!

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08-09-2008 21:06:24

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[b65bfae37d0][u65bfae37d0]liSeptember Promotionli[/u65bfae37d0][/b65bfae37d0]

We are giving away more money.

So here you go……

Every referral that you cash out on during September, you will receive a [b65bfae37d0]10% Bonus![/b65bfae37d0]

[b65bfae37d0]That’s an extra $3, $4, $5, $6, $8 or $10[/b65bfae37d0]….Dependingurl==http://=http:///url on which site you choose to do.


The 2 members who posts the most proof pictures in the trophy rooms and in our sub-forum during September, will get a Free T-Shirt. (any size)

So if you need a green, get one now by signing up unreferred... [b65bfae37d0]Limit 1 per user[/b65bfae37d0]


Here are some of the exciting features with us-

- Instant cashouts!
- Minimum of 1 referral to cashout!
- Great customer support! All inquiries responded to within 12-24 hours!
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