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11-06-2008 07:21:24

[b53cd6a59ff]liAttention OurLoot2Boot Usersli[/color53cd6a59ff][/size53cd6a59ff]

We Have a Huge Summer Promotion to Celebrate our 1 Year of Service![/color53cd6a59ff]

Promotion #1[/color53cd6a59ff][/size53cd6a59ff]

A Referral Race Worth $1000 in prizes.

1st Place - $300
2nd Place - $250
3rd Place - $200
4th Place - $150
5th Place - $100

To get your points

customorder.ol2b, weddingbells.ol2b = 1 Point
40.ol2b, moms2b.ol2b, ps3.ol2b = 1 Point
60.ol2b, getaways.ol2b = 1.5 Points
80.ol2b = 2 Points
cnote.ol2b = 2.5 Points

1. Referrals must be obtained and completed starting June 11th and ending on August 11th.
2. The 5 users with the most points, WINS!
3. Have some summer fun!

Put in a support ticket to enter today! (Please provide your username in ticket)

Promotion #2[/size53cd6a59ff][/color53cd6a59ff]

Free Greens

As always, sign up unreferred and obtain a green referral and you will receive your free green.
Yes, you will still cashout on this green referral.

We have 1 Referral cashouts on[/b53cd6a59ff][/size53cd6a59ff][/size53cd6a59ff]


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