Thanksgiving Promotion! 7 Prizes to give away plus a Bonus!

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30-10-2007 10:04:17

Welcome to OurLoot2Boot's Thanksgiving Contest
As Thanksgiving approaches, we would like to challenge all users
to a green contest. There will be two contests. The first part is for
ANY user who has actively seeked referrals starting October 28, 2007
to November 14, 2007 and will be placed in a drawing for a turkey
gift certificate, two certificates will be given away. So two active
users during these dates will be chosen for these gifts.[/color4b50bbf34e][/size4b50bbf34e]

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[size=184b50bbf34e][color=orange4b50bbf34e]Now for the big challenge. There will be
five(5) prizes and a bonus for the top five(5) users with the most
green referrals. This referral race begins on October 28, 2007 and
will end on November 29, 2007. Here is the prize list.

5th place wins 25$ cash
4th place wins 25$ cash
3rd place wins 50$ cash
2nd place wins 75$ cash
Grand Prize
must have atleast 10 green referrals to win the grand prize.
If you can make it to 16 green referrals, there will be 100$ BONUS.[/color4b50bbf34e][/size4b50bbf34e]

[img="4b50bbf34e]http//[" alt=""/img4b50bbf34e] [img="4b50bbf34e]http//[" alt=""/img4b50bbf34e]
[size=184b50bbf34e][color=brown4b50bbf34e]OurLoot2Boot Pays Out Every Friday!
We will however make instant payouts under these terms.
Instant payments will be sent, if requested, but YOU will have
to pay the PayPal charges.
If you wait until Friday, we will pay the PayPal charges.

Anyone who wants in on the drawing for the turkey gift certificates,
must send a support ticket no later than midnight, November 13.

Anyone wants in the referral race must have a support ticket in
no later than midnight November 29.

Winners for the first contest will be anounced on November 14.
Winners for the referral contest will be on November 30.

Now for anyone who has not signed up for our network and would
like to, to get in on the contest, you have until November 1, 2007
to get signed up unreferred and send in a support ticket and get
your offer requirements waived. This offer is only good until Nov. 1,
so get in while you can.

Good Luck and Happy Thanksgiving![/color4b50bbf34e][/size4b50bbf34e]