November PROMO - Another Race Plus a Twist!

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01-11-2009 22:12:33

[bbeda59ab09]Git-R-Free November 2009 Promotion with a Twist![/bbeda59ab09][/sizebeda59ab09]

We were thinking WOW October's Promo was a blast! Why not do it again...... ok, but let's add a HUGE Twist of FUN to the promo that wasn't there in October, want to know the TWIST? Keep reading! [/sizebeda59ab09]

SCROLL Down to see what's all INCLUDED

INCLUSION #1[/sizebeda59ab09]

NOVEMBER REFERRAL RACE ![/sizebeda59ab09][/colorbeda59ab09] [bbeda59ab09](You must register to this race to participate)[/bbeda59ab09]

Last months contest received a warm open-armed welcome from our users so we've figured why disappoint lets grow that love and have some fun with it! Again we have enabled you the ability to keep track of your online REAL-TIME rankings in the contest on our leaderboard which tracks points for all your referrals and allows you to see where you're placed against fellow competitors! (contest details here)[=http//](contest details here)

We've add a 4th place for the November referral race and Increased! 1st Place a bit!

Prizes are as follows

[bbeda59ab09]1st $350.00 Paypal/Check

2nd $200.00 Paypal/Check

3rd $100.00 Paypal/Check

4th $50.00 Paypal/Check[/bbeda59ab09]

(Click here for the Live Contest Board & Further Details on the Referral Race[=http//](Click here for the Live Contest Board & Further Details on the Referral Race)

[bbeda59ab09]INCLUSION #2 (Teaser) [/bbeda59ab09][/sizebeda59ab09]

We have something VERY FUN in store for all of you this month, we have just a few more things to work out, but as soon as we have the bugs worked out any orders you have in already will be included. [bbeda59ab09]HINT Spinning is involved! [/bbeda59ab09]

INCLUSION #3[/sizebeda59ab09]

Git-R-Free's [bbeda59ab09]Guaranteed Credit Promo![/bbeda59ab09]
This is how it will work

~Only offers completed during November will be eligible

~You must submit the offerslioriginal confirmation email with full headers & body & [bbeda59ab09]due to the number of people who can't resist temptations you must now include proof of purchase[/bbeda59ab09].

~A maximum of 2 missing credit requests per user will be accepted for the month of November
(combined requests can not exceed more than 1.0 total credit across our network)

To get your missing credit, simply file a missing credit request with us providing all the necessary information. If your offer has not credited within 24 hours from submitting your request, we will automatically grant you/your referrals credit!

In the Missing Credit Request you must submit Claiming Guaranteed Credit November Promo in the comments on your MCR.

liDue to the very large number of offers our network carries (more than any other) the Guarantee Credit promo is only redeemable on offers that are marked in red as MCR Allowed. All offers now require proof of purchase along with the confirmation email. liliHosting offers are not eligable for this promotion.

(Guaranteed Credits will be granted to the users accounts within 24-48 hours from a submitted request with ALL necessary information has been received)[/colorbeda59ab09]

All Sites require the user to reach the 100% Total Goal to be Green.

Take Care, and Good luck.


02-11-2009 23:35:52

Took a Tad longer than we expected, But HERE WE GO!

[b0f82728f48]INCLUSION #2 Git-R-Free PRIZE WHEEL! YeeHAWW!!!![/b0f82728f48][/size0f82728f48]

We are very proud and pleased to announce the newest addition to our many Git-R-Free Promotions.

[b0f82728f48]The Git-R-Free Spin-2-Win Prize Wheel[/b0f82728f48]! Over 1,000 prizes available, valued at approximately $3,500.00!

The way this works is for EVERY order you place in the Git-R-Free system during the month of November, if that order is approved, you will be given a Prize Wheel [b0f82728f48]Spin Code[/b0f82728f48][/color0f82728f48] which you can use one time and Spin-2-Win on our amazing [b0f82728f48]interactive Git-R-Free Prize Wheel spinner game found here[=http//]interactive Git-R-Free Prize Wheel spinner game found here.[/b0f82728f48]

GOOD LUCK, and HAVE FUN, I personally hope you enjoy playing this, it was a fun idea to come up with and came out pretty close to how I originally planned.