Git-R-Free May Promo - In Business over 2 Years!

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30-04-2009 21:36:20

Order Bonuses![/colord29b7b64b4]
We are giving you a 10% bonus on all referrals this month! This is one of the best ways for you to make some extra profit this month! This Bonus promo pertains to all sites except the 5.0 credit site (MakeRHappy). Bonuses only count for new referrals with a sign-up date in the month of May 2009.

Free Git-R-Free T-Shirt!![/colord29b7b64b4]
To Celebrate the fact that we first started the Git-R-Free network Early 2007, and we've surpassed being open and actively serving our customers for over 2 years we would like to present the gift of a Free T-Shirt for anyone who places and order with us this month. 1 T-Shirt per user. (All T-Shirts are size "large") We would simply like to thank everyone for their support. (We are a little late on this celebration but feel it's still Better Late than Never)

Free Greens![/colord29b7b64b4]
Sign up unreferred and get a free green! On two sites of your choice! - If you are already a member of our sites, you can still choose one more site as well this month, Sign-up and submit a support ticket requesting your Free Green.