Git-R-free March Promotion Fun First then Bonuses!

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04-03-2009 13:10:01

Our First Promotion we would like to offer everyone a complimentary Screen Cleaner that is quickly becoming a hit in the computer industry, CLICK HERE[=http//]CLICK HERE ([bb2e712f4e5]please give it about 30 seconds to load[/bb2e712f4e5]) to get your very own free monitor cleaner!

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did! (I highly suggest everyone checks this out!)

After you enjoy that amusing Freebie, let's take a look at our March Promotion

For anyone wanting to Get started with the Git-R-Free Network, you can choose any 3 sites of your choosing and we will waive your offer requirements on them this month of March. Just sign-up unreferred and ask support. (If you are already a member you can request 3 new sites as well!)

[bb2e712f4e5]10%li Bonuses for March![/bb2e712f4e5]

For the Month of March we will be doing a 10%li BONUS Promotion on alllili orders! Enjoy, and Have fun!

liThis bonus system is only for our 1.0-5.0 credit required sites (0.75 credit and lower not included)
lili Only Referrals with a join date in March 2009, will be eligible for the Bonus Promotion


06-03-2009 07:27:25

Just a quick note to everyone, we have turned on our "Green Referral" notifications, so if you have a referral complete their offer requirements you will be notified that they are complete, and which site it was on.

We hope everyone likes this new feature.