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15-09-2008 12:45:55

[bad51379fcb]Why Choose the Git-R-Free.com Network[/bad51379fcb]
- Amazing customer support, responsive and helpful
- Fast & reliable real-time lead reporting for offers
- Entire network ran on a dedicated server, Not shared hosting!
- 100% custom in-house programmed site with a user's experience in mind.
- Open to USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia
- Only network with over 600 offers available on a referral-based incentive site
- Over 100+ offers for Intíl countries Canada, UK, and Australia
- New offers added every week, dead-link offer checking done multiple times a week
- Only freebie network with exclusive access to the most ďAs Seen on TVĒ offers
- Accidental offer duplication prevention in place
- Offer categories and filters available as well as an offer search option
- Large number of offers with manual credit options (many sites wonít offer this or canít)
- Orders are processed every week, on-time or early.
- Network-wide offer filter system by country after sign-in (if your referrals see the offer they can do it)
- Network-wide status checker (check which sites you registered to and your referrals status on them from work, home, vacation, etc. without worrying about IP issues)
- Color coded status system with key so you can watch and see your referrals status every step of the way from sign-up (orange), phone verified (yellow), offers completed (green), on hold (red or blue depending on type of hold), and fulfilled (gray).
- First network to utilize built-in phone verification upon user sign-up giving you peace of mind about the quality of your referrals. This gives us the ability to show you when theyíve verified their phone.
- Ability to see the offers your referrals completed
- Ability to see if your referral has a manual credit pending
- Option to change your reward after signing up
- Option to request a custom order for just about any physical gift you would want
- Site-wide referral ID (your referral # is same on all sites, making it easier to remember)
- Over 20 sites with various difficulty levels from simple to more advanced which helps you aid a referral to either dipping their toes in the water or diving right in. We have something for everyone.
- All sites have some |Promotional| listed offers which are 100% free and help your referrals get that last bit of credit they need to meet their requirements.
- Majority of offer costs are listed and accurate (they are kept updated to the best of our ability)
- Majority of offers have detailed descriptions of what the offer is by simply placing your mouse on it
- Site-wide extra referral option available on all sites, if you canít find an offer to do but want to participate in a site you can simply refer an extra referral on your order and that referral who completes the requirements can be used as a redemption to waive your offer requirements for that order.
- After you complete your offer requirements on a site those stay in-tact for your future orders so you're only requirement is to refer some more users and you can obtain another gift making our sites repeat friendly.
- Fun and amusing site theme to promote and have fun with.
- Referral Banners that can be used in signatures our on other websites to help earn referrals

All these features and many more are available to anyone who wants to give our network a try. We hope you have fun with your Git-R-Free experience, we hope to see you join some of our sites and have fun earning all those gifts youíve always wanted!

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