PROMO: July Referral Contest + 3 New Sites!!

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01-07-2008 14:17:42

I would like to announce our latest additions to the Git-R-Free Network

http//[]http// (Your source to some energy tips and solutions)
1.0 Credit Site - 40/Referral

1.0 Credit Site - 40/Referrals (ALL OFFERS ARE $10 Or Less on this site!)

And then our latest addition would have to be
http//[]http// Cookware Source
0.75 Credit Site - 30/Referral [be0bc0f1116](ALL OFFERS ARE FULL CREDIT)[/be0bc0f1116]

We would also like to make it known that for any of you worried about the "Digital TV Issues" to feel free to check our our first DIY Site Prepare Your T.V. - Get a Free Digital Convertor Box for Free![=http//]Prepare Your T.V. - Get a Free Digital Convertor Box for Free! (No Referrals Required) Tell all your friends and family who need to get a DTV Converter box for their TV, as they can get one here for practically free!


For Our July Promotion We are launching our Quarterly REFERRAL CONTEST with over $2,000 in Prizes!

SEE HERE FOR Information and LIVE Stats! Git-R-Free 2008 Referral Contest[=http//]Git-R-Free 2008 Referral Contest[/be0bc0f1116]