Kiss my Grass for a Free Green! PROMO!

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18-04-2008 12:13:03

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We would like to welcome everyone to our climb the hill Free Green Promo, as you have seen displayed in the graphic above all users have the opportunity of earning themselves FREE Greens on our sites in a bit of quirky fun way. Simply sign-up unreferred (or use a previous unreferred sign-up account) and seek referrals on that account. Once you have met the sign requirements (# of green referrals) you plan to stop at, redeem your Free Greens and place your order.

All sites are open to this Promotion, you can only redeem one sign.

So let's all get down and crawl up the hill, kiss my grass (hence crawling on grass) and earn your self some free greens. If you can achieve 10 Green Referrals you can get a Green on EVERY one of our sites!

Good Luck and Have Fun!


24-04-2008 07:42:16

Awesome promo...

One question, u can earn ref from ur existing account? (referred account)


24-04-2008 14:00:48

Can we combine refs from different unreferred sites or just 1 particular site?


27-04-2008 17:08:17

Shaggz, help!!!


07-05-2008 19:44:55

Yep you can combine them )