Git-R-Free goes Weekly! Wait theres more ......

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10-04-2008 20:44:04

We would like to officially announce that all sites are now on a weekly gift shipment schedule (bi-weekly is in the past). We hope this encourages more users to give us a try and check out our massive offer list!

I would also like to announce our LATEST site http//

This new site is a bit different, it is $20/referral but only requires 0.5 credit, so a very high majority of our 600+ offers are full credit on this site.

New Additions to SITE
We've added a "status key" as you may notice there are a lot more details with colors in the referral section you will find a statuskey on the My Status page explaining everything to you.

We are working on our Canada Only site (will be released in a few hours from this post as well)

I hope everyone enjoys the new shipping policy and new sites.


11-04-2008 16:50:29

The sites look AWESOME!!! Git-R-Free remains on TOP!!!


24-06-2008 01:58:21

Cool.. How can one sign up on the EasyAsAPie.git-r-free site? I am interested already...

sandra habina

24-07-2008 21:47:38

Love the weekly payouts. Thank you )