WebHostingPad Situation/Resolution

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13-03-2008 22:46:35

Recently we had an issue with the offer "Web Hosting Pad" they reversed all leads and deemed them "invalid" I knew there had to be more to this so I continued to try to contact them and ended up spending most of my afternoon trying to get this situation taken care of. Please take note that any rumors that we were running this offer and weren't suppose to is a lie (not true), every offer we have on Git-R-Free we have been given permission to run on our sites, and we constantly check for updates on what we know as "incentive restrictions" on a daily basis.

What really occurred here is a single user contacted the advertiser demanding they be "credited" for doing the offer, they made insults, BBB threats, the works and basically simply pissed off the advertiser. As a result the Advertiser investigated our account, and saw little to no action on a few of the other leads and reversed all the leads, which in return made these "red" / "revoked" leads for many of our Git-R-Free users which also means leads we will no longer be paid for as well.

We know many of these users did the offer legitamently so I did my best to get to bottom of everything and I am glad to say it was a success. I have been confirmed that all the leads will be re-instated, except this user who caused all the problems.

Please keep in mind the following portion of our Terms and Conditions
b. Crediting DO NOT contact the advertiser about non-crediting issues. Customer Service Representatives for these companies do not have record of "offer completion crediting" and have no power to give you credit.[/b4954bc65a5]

This is here for a reason folks, and the user who caused this mess will be terminated from using the Git-R-Free Service for not abiding by the Terms and Conditions.

I am happy to say though for those of you who did this offer legitamently your leads have been re-instated and the "temporary holds" have been lifted.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter,

Ken (Owner)


15-03-2008 21:03:46

Holy crap that sounds like a huge mess there. I've not done anything with Git-R-Free network quite yet, but I'm looking into it! I just don't want to sign up and not give somebody credit ya know? Glad to see you guys fixed it!