Order Deadlines

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07-02-2008 06:24:22

I hope by now most everyone knows that we have a bi-weekly shipment schedule of gifts of every other Wednesday, we do this in order to keep down on fraud and catch the users committing fraud before they receive their gifts, as well as many other reasons. It seems many are waiting until a day before our shipment date and submitting their orders and expecting payment the following day with the rest, we feel this has to be moderated a bit more and due to the influx of orders that are being placed less than 24 hours from shipment date we do have to set a deadline.

All orders must be submitted by Saturday in order to be included in the Wednesday shipments.

So for instance tomorrow is our scheduled shipment date (2-5-2008). If your order was submitted on or before Saturday, 2-2-2008 1159PM EST then you will be included in the shipment tomorrow.

Since this is a late notice of this update/change, we will take all orders placed between Sunday 2-3-2008 through Tuesday (today) and have an additional shipment arrangement setup for Monday, 2-11-2008.

I hope everyone understands our position on this.

Thank you everyone for your cooperation,

Ken (Admin/Owner)