How Bout' Some New Sites Folks!

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17-11-2007 06:50:06

Hello Everyone,

Well, it's been a great 7 months from launching the Git-R-Free Network we have shipped over $125,000 in gifts and prizes to our users and would like to keep up this trend. Here are 4 NEW SITES for everyone to enjoy!

First off is are 2nd Generation of Non-CC site, we do have which is $20/ref and only requires a 0.5 (half) credit offer to complete offer requirements are new site is now up and running with the wonderful name of[=http//] it is $10/referral and includes all the same non-cc offers as PoorFolk.Git-R-Free, but only requires 0.25 (1/4) credit to go green! That's right 10 simple | Promo Offer | which are 1/40th credit will make you GREEN on this site. We hope this will be a hit, enjoy!

Second we wanted to compliment our wonderful group of gifts site with two new sites on the 3.0 credit setup. So without further a-do.[=http//] - Packed with multiple Laptop Choices! - 3.0 Credits Required - $120/referral[=http//] - Packed with multiple Desktop PC Choices! - 3.0 Credits Required - $120/referral

And last but not least we felt it was time to release another 1.0 Credit site so to add to our current collection is[=http//] - Features iRobot Roombas, Washer/Dryer, ShopVac, Dyson Vacuum and more! - 1.0 Credit Req'd - $40/referral

On all sites the Gifts actually equate to a higher/ref ratio, but this is done on purpose as we encourage our users to go for physical prizes, just in time for Christmas!

Enjoy the sites everyone, and thank you for your participating in our sites...

OH YEAH --- ALMOST FORGOT. There is a Get a Ref Get a Green (Offer Req's Waived)
[b6480787136]Promotion for all these sites ends 11-20-2007 @ 1159PM EST[/b6480787136]

1. Sign-up Unreferred
2. Get a referral signed up under you
3. Your referral completes their offer requirements.
4. Must be before November 20th, 2007 (Tuesday)

Once these have been completed simply open a support ticket with the title "Wave me one Please"

Have FUN!

Ken (Git-R-Free Admin)


17-11-2007 10:08:24

Great promos and great new sites. Thanks Shaggz!!!!!