Small Update on DuctTapedBundles.Git-R-Free

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02-11-2007 06:38:03

Added Nintendo DS Lite (Crimson & Black) + Any Standard DS Game of choice = 1 Referral

Sony PS3 Bundle which includes

Sony PlayStation 3 - 80 GB
- Motorstorm (with system purchase)
- Additional Wireless Controller
- Choice of 3 Standard PS3 Games

Has been lowered from 5 Referrals to 4 Referrals.

We now have over 100+ [b55a8d81939]| Promotional |lili[/b55a8d81939] labeled offers for those of you who like to participate in those they come in at credit values of 1/40th, 3/40th, and 6/40th .... 10/40th = 1/4 Credit.

[b55a8d81939]lili[/b55a8d81939] These offers are normally Zip Submit, Email Submit, Short/Long Surveys, and Free Pin Confirmation offers (These offers don't always track the greatest which is why we do list them as | Promotional offers | - we have no control of missing leads on these offers, as MOST these offers do report instantly if they are going to report to us at all. Just be sure you have your cookie settings correct, and cookies cleared before starting to do your offers.