Can't get an Iphone so I got an Itouch instead!!!

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15-10-2007 20:57:33

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.....Shaggz n my hard working refs! ;)

Ya the best!!!! D

I luv my Itouch!!! Its' the greatest thing ever happen to mp3 player. cheer

16 GB Ipod Touch from appleproducts.git-r-free!!! 8)

[url==http//][img="28d60e0cfb]http/" alt=""/"88/3949/appleproductsgitrfree02xr6.jpg[" alt=""/img28d60e0cfb][=http//][img="28d60e0cfb]http/" alt=""/"88/3949/appleproductsgitrfree02xr6.jpg[" alt=""/img28d60e0cfb][/url]


23-10-2007 07:53:37

Wow, great prize babetran. Nice work!