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08-10-2007 11:50:00

(...........Starts banjo theme song.........)

First off we would like to thank ALL our users for continuing the Git-R-Free sites, we hope you've enjoyed your experience and continue to do just that.

We are proud to announce that in just 6 months from launch we have established a strong presence as a reputable incentive rewards site, with a Grade C - Proven Legit Rating from, a 3.8 Overall Rating placing us in the Top 10 @ FreeIpodGuide Forums (FIPG), and a firm standing user-base who simply enjoy doing our sites.

Why Choose Us?
- Take a look for yourself at our offer choices! Over 450+ Unique offers for those you are referring to try out, there truly is SOMETHING for EVERYONE!
- 100% LEGIT! - We've shipped just shy of $100,000 in Gifts/Prizes!
- Minimal Manual Credit Support (some offers still don't allow them though)
- Fast Friendly Customer Support
- Advanced Pre-Authorization of all users (Telephone Verified accounts)
- Reasonable Payments! (Payments are going about once every other week)
- And @ Best The Coolest, Edgy, and Fun Sitename list you can find!

We WANT you to try out our Sites, We WANT you to Refer somes friends, We WANT you get those items you always wanted, and We WILL help wherever we can to do just that.

Take a step back from what you are doing and Step into the Git-R-Free Realm, you won't regret it.

With that Said I would like to Launch an OCTOBER REFERRAL CONTEST, Starting TODAY Oct. 8th 2007 and will end on Nov. 8th 2007.

We will have an updated Leader board posted soon for your viewing pleasure as we did with our Last Referral Contest.

A few months ago we had a Referral Contest with $1,450 in Prizes that were sent out, We figured it's time to try this again, but this time we will be doing $2,000 in Prizes.

The user with the MOST Referral Points by the end of Nov 8th, 2007 @ 1159PM EST will win the following Prize

1st - $1,000
2nd - $500
3rd - $250
4th - $150
5th - $100

This is open to ALL our sites (portal site
liReferrals on PoorFolk = 1/2 point
liReferrals on CashRewards, AppleProducts, and VideoGames = 1 points
liReferrals on CutTheGrass, MyBackYard, and GetSkinny = 2 points
liReferrals on BigScreens = 3 points
liReferrals on GetAround, DuctTapedBundles = 4 points

liReferrals must be "Green" with completed required offers for the site, and have a sign-up date Between 10/8/2007 - 11/8/2007

TO PARTICIPATE OPEN A SUPPORT TICKET TITLED "FALL REF CONTEST" on any of your Git-R-Free Accounts, and simply post "I WANT IN"

As an incentive to the referral contest, anyone who can accumulate 10 points can have 2 (two) free greens on "THEIR" choice of any 2 (two) sites on our network ([b4336fd635b]must be signed up unreferred[/b4336fd635b]). And the first person that reaches 30 points will be sent $50.00 Instantly! (tie splits)

So Watcha Waiting for! You know Everyone and their brother, sister, aunt Ida, Uncle Jerry, cousin Charlie, 2nd cousin Willy, 6th cousin Junior and Grandpappies and Grandmamas have somethin' they can try out on our sites so GET REFERin'!

(...........Fading out banjo theme song.........)


08-10-2007 13:48:58

Awesome. Thanks Shaggz!! I love git-r-free sites!!!!!!!!!!111


15-10-2007 19:34:39

Referral Contest Leader board is up, and updated!



22-10-2007 22:10:30

Leaderboard Updated! - Some more offers added today...


26-10-2007 19:13:16

Updated again, User 5019 WINS the $50.00 Instant prize and is holding the lead steady!


02-11-2007 13:06:49

LEADERBOARD UPDATED, minutes ago...... USER 1627 has grabbed the bull by the horns and is ramming through the competition taking over First Place! ONLY 6 DAYS LEFT FOLKS!!!!!! PUSH as Much as you can this weekend not much time left!!

Contest Ends Midnight (EST) November 8th, 2007!


[b68ead64e8f]CHECK OUT THE CURRENT STANDINGS [/b68ead64e8f]


06-11-2007 05:46:30

2 Days Left Folks, even if you can't beat the TOP 5 it's worth trying to get yourself 10 points for the two free greens (offers waived) for any site in our network you are signed up unreferred at.

We have recently as of Nov 1st added some amazing offers, be sure to check them out and hammer these last 2 days.

Good Luck!


09-11-2007 08:38:07

We hope everyone who participated enjoyed themselves, be sure to redeem your two free greens (waived offer requirements) if you accumulated 10pts or more in the contest!

[b80a51969e9]RESULTS POSTED![/b80a51969e9]