Question for Shagz about my account on cashrewards site...

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25-09-2007 14:22:28

Hey Shagz,

Do you guys do anything like free green if proof pictures posted or green for life or anything like that? I submitted an order 5 days ago on with my 7 refs, then had another person go green after the fact, so I have 8 refs and I'm only cashing out on the 7 ref paypal reward.

What are my options?



25-09-2007 20:03:09

This site is repeatable... So u can cash out again


26-09-2007 09:18:57

WE have a minimum custom order of 2 Referrals required for "Cash related" custom orders .. so just get another referral request a 2 ref custom order and place another order, that's about all there is to it, as babetran has mention it is fully repeatable.

Thanks ;)