Few things from Git-R-Free

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20-08-2007 20:13:17

First off we have July payments tentatively scheduled for August 22nd, that is when paypal shows the transfer will complete, sorry for the 2 -day delay on that one folks.

We plan to ship a good portion of the august orders as well, after the July payments are out we will be sending the rest of the payments out individually so there will be the 2.9% paypal fees for those who have non-personal paypal accounts. If you indeed want to wait until the next masspayment of Sept. 20th, then please open a support ticket before August 22nd requesting that.

Second, we are moving Git-R-Free.com to the new FASTER dedicated server tonight starting at Midnight (12 AM) Eastern Time. Not that things were really too slow, but we like to be pro-active, and should be a rather nice speed increase overall.

The Git-R-Free Network should be back up sometime in the morning then )

Thank-you for all your continued support--Everyone!

Ken (Shaggz)


21-08-2007 12:28:20

Roger that. Didn't have a chance to take a look at it now. P


22-08-2007 15:06:46

Am I going to get paid today??? (


24-08-2007 14:41:13

Any and ALL orders on the Git-R-Free network have been Sent.

Sorry for any delays/problems that may have occurred with your orders, I decided to go ahead and just ship out EVERYTHING, so congratulations to those who didn't even have to wait 24 hours.

Everything is squared away now, carry on, carry on! lol