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03-08-2007 12:42:17

For all you college bound folks, DO WE HAVE THE OFFERS FOR YOU!

That's right, we are now running 5 Unique - DotSchool Offers which are FULL credit (0.5 credit = full) on PoorFolk.Git-R-Free.com

Now is definitely the time to start getting referrals on this Non-CC Site that is $20/ref




21-08-2007 22:31:32

I wish one of my 28 referrals would turn green lol....

All of them are still yellow--such is my life.



24-08-2007 14:43:27

If I could make Non-CC offers credit 100% of the time I would trust me... Some users have 0 problems, while you have those who have 100% problems, just doesn't make sense. We have people completing the site everyday, then occasionally we get users who can't seem to get anything to credit. All we can suggest is have your settings setup right and follow the known crediting guidelines if all is good/right you should get credit as many have! )