Non-CC anyone? NEW SITE! $20/ref!

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13-07-2007 23:24:43

it's 2AM, Perfect time to launch a No-Credit Card Required Site!

Check it out Folks, http//

Near 100 Offers, 50 Standard 1/4 and 1/2 credit Non-CC offers, and about 50 1/40th (10 = 1/4, 20 = 1/2) offers ..

the 1/40th offers are surveys, email submit, and zip submit offers.

Choose from our Any Video Game for 3 refs, to Custom Order. Figure $20/referral for whatever you want to get.

THIS SITE ONLY REQUIRES 1/2 CREDIT to be GREEN, and ONLY Contains No-Credit Card Required Offers.

Enjoy the new site, and Git-R-Free!

lililili This new site will grant those in the referral contest 1/2 pt per green referral lilililili

There is not a "free green promo," however if you are participating in the referral contest and achieve 10pts total (before July 31st) you will be given a free green on any/all of our sites that you wish.


14-07-2007 02:19:00

Although I'm not going to pursue this site, I just have to say I love the name of your new site D

As always, love your sites though!

[b27595bd273]- Patrick[/b27595bd273]


14-07-2007 05:34:03

Thanks, yeah i'm personally digging it! Any reasons to why you wouldn't want to pursue this one? Just curious )

Thanks though patrick!