REFERRAL CONTEST - $1,450 in Prizes!

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05-07-2007 20:23:14

[bab0f1af817]Git-R-Free July Referral Contest !!!![/bab0f1af817]

We are excited to announce a great opportunity to all the loyal Git-R-Free Users! Starting July 1st, you can open a support ticket to be entered into our referral contest, you will be added to the list of entrants and everyone who enters will be monitored for their Referrals in the Entire Month of July.

The user with the MOST Referral Points by the end of July 31st, 2007 @ 1159PM EST will win the following Prize

[bab0f1af817]Grand Prize $800.00[/bab0f1af817]
2nd Prize $300.00
3rd Prize $200.00
4th Prize $100.00
5th Prize $ 50.00

This is open to ALL our sites
Referrals on CashRewards, AppleProducts, and VideoGames = 1pt
Referrals on CutTheGrass, MyBackYard, and GetSkinny = 2pts
Referrals on BigScreens = 3pts

This Contest will be open to all users of Anything4Free, ReferralSwapper, FreeIpodGuide, and FreeLunchRoom.

Keep up-to-date with our Leaderboard

Good Luck to Everyone, and thank-you to the users, and the Staff of these great forums that truly make this a great online community.

Good Luck!,

Ken (also known as "Shaggz")
Git-R-Free Owner


06-07-2007 09:08:45

[bbf646c2025]SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT![/bbf646c2025]

Any User liActively participating in our Referral Contest with an "un-referred" account, can earn a Free Green on ANY/ALL of our sites.

To Get Started Open a Support Ticket from your account requesting to be added to the Contest Entry List.

li[bbf646c2025]This is ONLY for users participating in the Referral Contest who accumulate 10pts or More by the end of the contest, the free greens can only be redeemed upon the 10th point accumulated with-in the date of the contest July 1st - July 31st.[/colorbf646c2025][/bbf646c2025]

Good Luck, and HAVE FUN!


12-07-2007 15:35:03

Leader board was updated, it's a TIGHT RACE still! ;)


27-07-2007 08:41:15

Leaderboard is now up-to-date. 5th place could easily be overtaken ;)

Few more days yet people!

(4th isn't too far away either)


01-08-2007 04:58:48



Congratulations to all the Winners!


01-08-2007 05:29:35

[quote38f0c8edda="shaggz"]FINAL RESULTS ARE IN


Congratulations to all the Winners![/quote38f0c8edda]

WoW, congrats to the first place winner, thats a lot of cash


03-08-2007 10:08:02

ALL Prizes were sent out today to the top 5 winners, congratulations again.