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29-06-2007 23:54:48

[b424c70ed96]FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT 3 New Sites!![/b424c70ed96]

Http//CutTheGrass.Git-R-Free.com[=http//CutTheGrass.Git-R-Free.com]Http//CutTheGrass.Git-R-Free.com - Lawn Mowers, Tractor Mowers, etc.
Http//GetSkinny.Git-R-Free.com[=http//GetSkinny.Git-R-Free.com]Http//GetSkinny.Git-R-Free.com - Exercise Equipment Treadmills, Ellipticals, Bowflex, etc.
Http//MyBackYard.Git-R-Free.com[=http//MyBackYard.Git-R-Free.com]Http//MyBackYard.Git-R-Free.com - Hot TUBs !!, Pools !!, Gas Grill, Gazebo, etc.

All 3 sites are 2.0 Credits required $80/referral

Referral Contest Information See here


30-06-2007 08:59:39

Just wanted to add, to make the HOT TUB a more acquireable gift (probably not a word but sounds good) ... I've added two options for that specific gift.

5.0 Credits 24 referrals
10.0 Credits 12 referrals

These would of course earn 5 pts and 10 pts respectively in the referral contest, but also makes the hot tub obtainable.

Have fun!


30-06-2007 20:04:23

Looking good Shaggz! Is there any free greens left on those 3 sites?


01-07-2007 14:03:03

Any free greens left?


02-07-2007 09:02:47

2 left on cutthegrass 1 left on the other two sites.


05-07-2007 08:24:18

Free Green Promotion is OVER, however the Referral contest with the $800 Grand Prize is underway, be sure to send in your support ticket to get added to the Referral Contest Entry List!

Will be posting a leaderboard soon!


05-07-2007 11:46:58

Leaderboard Posted



05-07-2007 12:20:28

Lookin nice my man!