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15-06-2007 06:53:39

Industry Changes

As of June 14th, 2007 there has been some MAJOR changes "across the board" for incentive-based marketing, 7-Major Incentive-based publishers have pulled their entire offer lists and have Terminated all traffic towards incentive-based reward sites like ours and many others, those that still allow incentive traffic have made some MAJOR changes to their policies as well...... How will this effect you? See Below

- No Future Manual Credit Requests are accepted by our Publishers. Our manual credit system has been turned off.
(We highly advise EVERYONE review this guide[=http//]review this guide to crediting to assist with better crediting practices when you are participating in offers)

- All Pending or Sent to Affiliate Manual Credits will/have been Denied. (if a manual that was "Request Sent to Affiliate" comes in, it will automatically be credited to your account)

- New Fraud Protection and Verification Developments Coming Soon!

1. Phone # Verification System with Pin Confirmation upon sign-up of the website. (VOIP and Pre-Paid Cell Phones will not be allowed)
2. Very Strict Fraud rules. (If you have been placed on hold on any incentive-based site for fraud, your account may retroactively be placed on hold as well)
3. State Issued Drivers License or Government ID request upon any users' Paypal/Cash Order.
4. All User's first order must be for a physical gift shipped to their address on the user's account, or check shipped to their address.

There has been a disgusting amount of fraud in the recent months and advertisers as well as publishers are fed up with the outbreak, unfortunately there is nothing anyone can do but work through the changes, and accept what has now become rules and guidelines, we hope to keep your participation in our sites as we work through these upcoming changes. Thank-you for your cooperation and understanding in these matters.

Ken Anglemyer
Administrator of
Owner of PointClick, LLC.


16-06-2007 11:23:35

Just wanted to make everyone aware even with all the recent "DRAMA" and Publishers pulling out of the incentive industry, WE STILL have OVER 400 ACTIVE LIVE! offers for our users to choose from!

So No Worries here at Git-R-Free! We won't be going anywhere! toast