Hotgifts4you SUX!!!!

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24-07-2008 19:03:22

Hi. I recently spent the weekend out of town at a friends. This friend wanted to get started with Freebie sites, so I helped get them set up, and showed them how to complete offers.

This friend completed some offers and went green at tech.hotgifts4you... I logged into my hotgifts4you account from their computer to make sure they were green ; and then paid them thru paypal.

When I went to cash in my order, they denied it because they said we used the same ip; I explained the situation, and they have flat out refused to pay me; and, have put me on hold on all of their sites. Which I have numerous referrals on, that I have paid. So Now I'm Shit Out of Luck...

[bfebc57058e]My friend also went green at other IFW's for me, and we have had no problems; and have gotten paid...[/bfebc57058e]

So why not hotgifts4you??? [bfebc57058e]Because they do not intend to help any of their customers;[/bfebc57058e] even if they've been doing business successfully with them for over a year. [bfebc57058e]Hotgifts4you SUX!!! [/bfebc57058e][/colorfebc57058e]

If anyone has any ideas on how this can be rectified, please let me know. Any comments are welcome.

[ufebc57058e][bfebc57058e]To hotgifts4you I will not ever stop bad mouthing you on forums or anywhere on the internet... Unless, of course, you would like to rectify this situation... [/bfebc57058e][/ufebc57058e][/colorfebc57058e]


04-09-2008 08:52:32

Unfortunately you did break the rules. You can only sign into your account at 1 IP address.
That rule is the same at ALL freebie sites.

So for you to be mad is understandable but you should be upset with yourself not HotGifts4You. They did nothing wrong.

sandra habina

10-10-2008 02:11:19

Wow that is a tough situation. You would have been able to see if he was green just by his account though. I hope you can talk with them more and get some satisfaction - next time always ask the site first to check from another ip addy. So sorry about that.
Have you ever heard - you catch more bees with honey - try that because you did break the rule unfortunately.

Best of luck.