Feeling cheated...

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25-08-2007 19:50:18

I am really disappointed with the admin at HotGifts4You. See, the story is I use Hughes Net satellite Internet. Where I live, there is NO other high-speed Internet. Evidently it occasionally recycles Ips and makes some admins think this is a proxy server.

HotGifts4You put me on hold just hours after I completed $10 of offers on their Gifts site(after they surely got credit for advertising dollars.) I politely explained the Internet I am using, even offering to send my passport and bank statement to prove who I am. The admin will not take me off hold, which means I did $10 of offers for nothing, will not get the $25 I was offered to go green, and likely will get a negative trading feedback.

AllForOne did the same thing to me a couple of months back, but to their credit worked with me very quickly to get me green again. Their administrators were superb and respectful. I feel HotGifts4You has been dismissive.

Please note I think fraud is horrendous and killing the industry. However, some of us HAVE to use satellite Internet. I am on other sites, some very popular, and have never been labeled a “proxy user” or dismissed in such a way.

All I want is to be able to be labeled green again and be able to use their sites without problems. I feel I am more than able and willing to prove I am who I say I am. The advertisers were clearly satisfied I met their requirements. HotGifts4You is getting advertising dollars for the honest work I did but then refuses to let me continue on. I feel I should file a Better Business Bureau report, but would just much rather end this right now. I don’t think HotGifts4You is TRYING to defraud me or the advertisers. I want to believe they are just trying to protect their business, but I don't want to be a sacrificial lamb.

I should be able to continue with my honest work as well.


25-08-2007 20:38:12

I just reponded to your support ticket, so we should be able to resolve this. Sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope we can sort this out.


25-08-2007 21:58:49

The admin PMd me and I sent him/her a list of sites I have successfully completed offers, any required referrals, and cashed out on. I felt this was important because it shows I passed ALL checks and got my payments (not just greened without referrals, prizes, etc.)

I also stated I could provide links to full payment proof on those sites, which include AllForOne.YourGiftsFree

I am hopeful we can get me up and running again. I will keep everyone updated accordingly.


25-08-2007 23:26:39

I will give credit to the Admin for quickly stepping in and taking care of this after I posted. I hold absolutely no ill-will toward them for trying to protect their business. I hope to be posting soon that I got a prize from them )


26-08-2007 10:25:39

The problem with DirecPC isn't that it "recycles IP's" since ALL residential ISP service routinely recycles IP's.

The problem is that satellite service, like AOL, uses proxies. Sites that are not aware of and make exception for the likes of satellite ISP service will put you on hold for using proxies. It has happened numerous times before. Most who investigate the issue will reverse the hold, while others have a zero-tolerance policy for proxies, no matter the source. While I disagree with that position, if so stated within their terms they have the legal right to do so. Unfortunately, even though it's over the heads of most laypeople, the nature of your own ISP connection is considered your own responsibility, not that of the freebie site.

Now that you know the situation, you would be well advised to contact any future freebie sites that you intend to complete, asking them to pre-clear your ISP for its proxy usage. That way you'll hopefully avoid any nasty surprises (and less cooperative site owners) in the future.


05-09-2007 16:34:02

I feel that this is a great and helpful thread.
Thanks all gentlemen for the highly cooperative attitude in solving the issue.