EarnGiftsFree Mission Statement and July Promo

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18-06-2009 18:51:43

Iíd like to publicly wish a thank you to the forum administrators and moderators for allowing me to promote EarnGiftsFree on Freebie Society and hope to have a lasting friendly relationship with the entire forum.

For those of you who donít know who we are, EarnGiftsFree is an established IFW site that has been operating since early 2007. EarnGiftsFree has shipped out tens of thousands of dollars in cash and prizes, and currently has exactly 3,434 unique users.

Iíve been trading on freebie forums for close to 3 years and have 100% feedback on the forums which I traded on. As someone who personally traded on freebie sites for over 2 years, I know what freebie traders on forums are generally looking for

1. Lots of offers
2. Monthly Promotions
3. Fast Payments
4. Helpful Support
5. Excellent Crediting
6. Free Greens
7. Paypal Fees Covered
8. Manual Credit Requests
9. Forum Presence (Responding to posts and to PMís)
10. An Overall Kind and Professional Attitude
11. User Friendly Site

I know what you guys want and want to put EarnGiftsFree in a position where we can deliver for you.

This does not mean that I am claiming to be running the best and largest IFW site out there. I know where I stand. I can only sit back and acknowledge that I will not be able to keep up with some of the monthly promotions of the larger sites that are also available to you. Also, the nature of the business right now is that manual credit requests will currently be unavailable and I can only apologize for that.

But I can tell you what I [i27244c822f]can [/i27244c822f]offer you

I can offer you a network where the [b27244c822f]site owner can sympathize with the needs of the freebie trader[/b27244c822f] and where we can work together for our mutual benefit. With me, youíll know exactly what youíre dealing with. [b27244c822f]A small-medium sized IFW site where the site owner knows exactly where youíre coming from and is trying to fulfill everybodyís needs on the fastest basis possible. Nothing more. Nothing less[/b27244c822f].

Freebie Trading was fun when I began 2+ years ago, and I will be trying to pump that feeling into EarnGiftsFree. Weíre going to continuously strive to keep our users as happy as possible.

Weíre going to be having a promotion starting today that will run through the month of July. The nature of the contest will be a referral contest and the standings will be posted for all to see right in this post.
This monthís prize will be a brand new Nintendo Wii! [/b27244c822f]

p.s. I will always be looking for ways to improve EarnGiftsFree. I mean it. I will always appreciate your feedback and constructive criticism regarding any feature of our site.

p.p.s. If you sign up un-referred youíll earn an extra $40 when itís time for you to cashout! If youíre unable to complete any of our offers, then youíll be entitled to our Free Greens (just ask).[/color27244c822f]


20-06-2009 17:46:28

We're proud to announce our 1st 2 Credit offer. This will count as 2 Greens if a referral completes it.

If you are signing up un-referred, it will also count as $80!

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