Welcome From The New EarnGiftsFree Admin

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17-05-2009 19:52:52

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to introduce myself as the new EarnGiftsFree owner. Over the next few days, the site will undergo a complete face-lift with completely new offers to choose from.

I've been a freebie trader for over 2 years on the freebie forums (mostly FLR and FIPG) and I know what it means for a site to be a quality site. I will strive to become that site owner that I wished I was dealing with as a trader.

Above all, I will work hard to maintain the fastest payments in the IFW world. That will be my small way of distinguishing myself from the rest of the pact. I know that there are a lot of IFW sites to choose from, but this will be my little way of saying thank you to my users.

We'll be running promotions to jump start the site back to life again, and everything will take place in it's proper time. For now, we will be running a Free Green promotion on all 4 of our sites.


The sites are $40/Ref, have instant payments, and are forever green

After the site is up and running (hopefully we'll be all set later this week), the next stage of the promotion will be underway which will involve cash prizes as an incentive to begin trading with us once again.

That's all for now!