March Promo, Double BONUS!

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02-03-2009 09:38:30

Hello. We have a great March promotion going on right now which can earn you extra cash!

1. [b08ec0feca8][u08ec0feca8]$50 Bonus![/u08ec0feca8][/b08ec0feca8]

Cash out with at least 5 referrals this month and receive a [b08ec0feca8]$50 Bonus[/b08ec0feca8]. You can gain your 5 ref's with either one cash out or multiple cash outs. User's who go red will not count toward your prize. Limit 1 $50 Bonus per user.

2. [b08ec0feca8][u08ec0feca8]$5 Proof Of Payment Bonus![/u08ec0feca8][/b08ec0feca8]

We are going to keep this one going. Cash out on any of our sites in March and post proof of payment on the forums and you will receive a $5 Bonus payment. Just send us a link to your post in a support ticket and you will receive a $5 Bonus Payment. You can do this over and over again all month long!

Get started and good luck!