New Year, Double the Prize, More Money and FREE GREENS!

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07-01-2009 05:32:59

First, We want to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year!

We have a great January promotion going on now!

1. FREE GREEN's to anyone who sign's up un-referred on any of our sites. Just send in a support ticket requesting your FREE GREEN. That's it!

2. $5 Bonus payment when you post proof of payment on the forums. Just send in a support ticket with a link to your post so we can confirm it and you will be paid an extra $5. You can do this everytime you cash out with us all month long!

3. Double the Prize. Once a week we will compile a list of users who cashed out with us in January. We will then select a random winner to receive a double prize payment. So, if you cashed out for $200 and you are selected in the raffle, we will send you another $200 for winning! It's that easy!

Get started now, time is running out. Good luck!