Holiday Gift Bag!

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01-12-2008 13:56:50

[b6d09f4b3cd][u6d09f4b3cd]Holiday Gift Bag[/u6d09f4b3cd][/b6d09f4b3cd]

The holiday season is upon us and we are bearing gifts for our users.

We will be giving away an [b6d09f4b3cd]8GB Ipod Nano With Video[/b6d09f4b3cd] to the user who cashes out with the most referrals in December.

We will also be giving away promotional gifts such as [b6d09f4b3cd]t-shirts, mouse pads and coffee mugs[/b6d09f4b3cd] to random users throughout the month.

Also, post a Proof of Payment in one of our sub-forums, and send us the link to that post in a support ticket. Once we confirm the post you made, we will send you a [b6d09f4b3cd]$5 bonus![/b6d09f4b3cd]

[b6d09f4b3cd]You can earn an extra $5 EVERY TIME you cash out with us in December!

Thanks and good luck![/b6d09f4b3cd]