Oct. Promo - Atlantic City Vacation!

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01-10-2008 08:57:14

Oct. Promo - Atlantic City Vacation!

Hello. We have some exciting October Promotions going on right now!

[u5179f6896d][b5179f6896d]Atlantic City Vacation[/b5179f6896d][/u5179f6896d]

We are going to be raffling off a $500 Atlantic City Tropicana Hotel Gift Card to one of our users.

The gift card can be used for food and beverage, shopping, spa, overnight stays and entertainment throughout the Tropicana including the all-new Quarter at Tropicana!

liGift cards are non-refundable
liGift cards do not expire
liGift cards can not be used for gaming
liGift cards are not accepted at the Palm restaurant

If you have never been to Atlantic City or have been there before and would like to go back, let your stay be our treat.

To be eligable to win you must cash out with us at least once in October on any of our sites (gaming, cash, ipods, babies). The more referrals you cash out with, the better your chance of winning.

For Example, if you cash out with 3 referrals in October, you will be entered 3 times.

It's doesnt get any easier than this. Anyone can win but your odds will improve with the number of cash out's you have.

We will announce the winner on the promotions page of our site on Saturday November 1, 2008. We will ship the gift card directly to the winner.

Get started NOW on this great promotion! Good luck!

[u5179f6896d][b5179f6896d]$5 Proof Of Payment Bonus! [/b5179f6896d][/u5179f6896d]

Post a Proof of Payment in one of our sub-forums, and send us the link to that post in a support ticket. Once we confirm the post you made, we will send you a $5 bonus! You can earn an extra $5 EVERY TIME you cash out with us in October!

[u5179f6896d][b5179f6896d]Free Greens![/b5179f6896d][/u5179f6896d]

We are giving away FREE GREENS to all un-referred users on any and/or all of our sites. Just sign up un-referred and before you complete any offers, send in a support ticket requesting your FREE GREEN and your offer requirements will be waived. It's that easy!