August Promotion - Coffee Mug Giveaway!

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02-08-2008 12:16:39

August Promotion - Coffee Mug Giveaway! 15oz. Coffee Mug

Gevalia Connoisseur's Coffee Basket

$5 Proof of Payment

We know what hard work you all put into getting referrals, and we know you work at all hours of the day and night doing so which is why we are giving away a 15oz. Coffee Mug to users who cash out with at least 3 referrals in August.(limit 1 per user)

To help fill the mug we will be raffling off at random 4 Gevalia Connoisseur's Coffee Baskets! - Shop - Buy Connoisseur\'s Coffee Basket

Only those who receive a coffee mug are eligible to win a gift basket.

Also, Post a Proof of Payment in one of our sub-forums, and send us the link in a support ticket, we will send you a $5 bonus! Good luck!