EarnGiftFree - Love them!!

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10-08-2007 08:12:48

[b733e14b64d]Today I woke up to an extra $560 [/color733e14b64d]in my paypal? Why?

Because I worked with the EarnGiftsFree[/color733e14b64d] network!!!!! Why did I work with them you ask?
- They pay quickly (no net 15 and 30 like some of the others)
- They have great support (always timely and professional)
- The site greens really well (no tons of ppl stuck at .66677 lol)

EARNGIFTSFREE[/color733e14b64d], my hat goes off to you for great work!!

It was a pleasure working with you![/b733e14b64d][/size733e14b64d]

http/" alt=""/img62.imageshack.us/img="62/1696/egfbv9.png[" alt=""/img733e14b64d]


10-08-2007 08:22:33

Congratt!!! Rmb to post in the Brag Bag as well. D


10-08-2007 10:25:03

Thanks!! Ill do that