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25-07-2007 11:30:08

Hello. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the owner of EarnGiftsFree.com and I have been a user here at FIPG since January of this year. (2007) I have about 100 trades under my belt (91) to be exact and I have traded with many of you here. I wanted to get more involved in the Incentive business and decided to open my own website. I have four sites within my network.


I have 2 exciting Grand Opening promotions going on now. We are giving a FREE CREDIT to the site of your choice within our network (ipods, gaming, cash, babies) to ALL non-referred users for the entire month of July! To redeem your credit just send in a support ticket with "Free Credit" in the subject line right after you sign up and we will issue you that first Credit on us!

Also, as an added bonus to all the FIPG users who traded with me in the past I have a special promotion just for you. We are giving Free Credit on ALL 4 OF OUR SITE'S WITHIN OUR NETWORK (ipods, gaming, cash, babies) to any user from FIPG who has traded with "theinsider" in the past. Check your trade module. If you traded with "theinsider" in the past just sign up on all 4 of our site's and send in a support ticket with "Trade Partner" in the subject line and we will issue you that first Credit on us. That's it !

We have been open since July 9, 2007 and we paid out over $500 already in prizes. Once your account has been approved (usually 1 day) you can expect payment / shipment of your gift within 10 days ! Our sites can only be done once, however, we are in the process of changing that and will give you an update as soon as we are ready to add the unlimited feature. I look foward to working with all of you. Best wishes.

P.S. I would like to thank the staff at FIPG for approving this forum.


25-07-2007 12:43:51


I signed up for the Baby site, and am looking forward to working this one, as have a baby on the way...a grand baby that is D

Thank you,



25-07-2007 12:52:07

Congratulations! We will be sure to get your prize to you as soon as you finish so your grandchild can enjoy it! Good luck.

P.S. Your Free Credit has been issued.


25-07-2007 16:10:50

I signed up on paypal however the first two offers I clicked on to see if they were working aren't. (


25-07-2007 16:41:08

Yes, I got your support tickets. Please go to EGF and read response. Thanks.


25-07-2007 18:01:19

Thanks so much! And yes I got it...so excited!

Can't wait till you get the sites set to re-do the sites; that will be great D

And thanks so much for your support ticket reply, I will keep you posted.

Margot wink


27-07-2007 23:48:31

I read them thanks for replying and the generous offer and for taking care of those offers so quickly. Great support guys... I love the banner very eye catching colors


06-08-2007 11:14:17

Thanks for the compliment on the banner. Also, we try our best to answer support tickets as quickly as possible.