January Promotions 2009 style! Huge bonuses all around!

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01-01-2009 01:43:43

Happy New Year everyone! We hope 2008 was a good year for you! We wish for 2009 to be even better. Thank You for supporting our site and helping us to become a huge success this past year, we couldn’t have done it without you! We look forward to providing the support and BIG Promotions you have come to expect from ZNZ in 2009......

Let’s start off 2009 right with these [i9f3472577c]Killer[/i9f3472577c] Promotions =)

[b9f3472577c]Promotion #1[/b9f3472577c]
The most wanted promotion is still here. Tiered bonuses – [u9f3472577c]Fast[/u9f3472577c] [u9f3472577c]Track[/u9f3472577c] [u9f3472577c]Style[/u9f3472577c]!

Orders 1-10 in January = 20% Bonus on each order
Orders 11-20 in January = 25% Bonus on each order
Orders 21+ in January = 30% Bonus on each order

[b9f3472577c]Promotion #2[/b9f3472577c]
The second most wanted promotion, still here as well! Guaranteed Credits!
[list9f3472577c][li9f3472577c]Only offers completed during January will be eligible
[li9f3472577c]You must have the original confirmation email with full headers
[li9f3472577c]A maximum of 1 missing credit request will be accepted per user, per site. So they are guaranteed one per site this month![/listu9f3472577c]To get your missing credit, simply file a missing credit request into us with all necessary details needed. If your offer has not credited in 3 days from submitting your request, we will automatically grant you your credit(s)!

[b9f3472577c]Promotion #3[/b9f3472577c]
Proof Picture Promotion – with more CASH! Each day in January we will select one (1) proof picture from our “January Proof Picture Thread”. So say it’s the 18th of January, all proof pictures posted on the 18th will be eligible for that days drawing and so forth. One random winner from each day will win $20.09 which will be added onto your next order with us (or instantly if you’d like to cover the fees – your choice). lithe proof pictures posted must be from January 09

[b9f3472577c]Promotion #4[/b9f3472577c]
Nice Referral Race for all of you out there – for $2009 )
[list9f3472577c][li9f3472577c]1st - $1,004
[li9f3472577c]2nd - $503
[li9f3472577c]3rd - $302
[li9f3472577c]4th - $150
[li9f3472577c]5th - $50[/listu9f3472577c]Race starts January 1st and ends on January 31st. Referrals will be added up between ALL of our sites & networks. [b9f3472577c]You must enter a support ticket to get entered into this race.[/b9f3472577c] lireferrals must have signed up and completed their offer requirements in January to be counted

[b9f3472577c]Promotion #5[/b9f3472577c]
Simply put, every 5th order you place with us this month, you’ll receive a $20.09 bonus added to that order. 10th order is $20.09, 15th, etc. Nice, quick & easy bonuses!

[b9f3472577c]Promotion #6[/b9f3472577c]
Looking for a free green? Send us some input about our site (can be positive or negative) in a support ticket and we will give you a free green. Each suggestion will get you one free green. limust be unreferred