October Promos! Ref Race|Guarenteed Credits|Partials|Bonuses

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02-10-2008 00:47:56

Hey everyone! Sorry for the long delay on these, had some things we had to clear up!

With that said, here's a July v2 month, hope everyone likes!!! Check out the graphic (yea same one P (click it))

http//www.zipnadazilch.com/znzbirthday2.png[" alt=""/img854fef10ba]
(low-res version)

Well enjoy (and remember to get your support ticket in to get in on this referral race!) D D D D D D D


02-10-2008 13:23:55

Yea,.. it was about time already D nice promos.. working hard towards the partials 8)

sandra habina

10-10-2008 02:14:01

Wonderful Promos ZNZ. Trying hard to make a mark. Thank you


10-10-2008 12:22:50

same here. Have gotten two referrals soo far. One on budget and one on paypal znz Thanks ZNZ for the great promos.