~ September Promotions ~ Guaranteed Credits! Free Greens!

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02-09-2008 22:57:30

Hey everyone. Iím really glad everyone seemed to enjoy last monthís promotions! This monthís will follow last monthís promotions.

[bcaa10daf7a]Promotion #1[/bcaa10daf7a]
Starting off with the most requested promotion Ė guaranteed credits! This is going to be just about the same as last time. Details are below

-Only offers during September will be eligible
-You must have the original confirmation email with full headers (if you/your refs need help with full headers please ask me as I can easily help!)
-A maximum of 2 missing credit request will be accepted per user.

To get your missing credit, simply file a missing credit request into us with all necessary details needed. This time around we will be crediting them just 3 days after it should have credited.

[bcaa10daf7a]Promotion #2[/bcaa10daf7a]
Tiered bonuses with all of your orders in September! Rather than just keeping the same scale if you order 1 or 100 times with us Ė we will be giving higher bonuses for more orders this month! Please remember it doesnít matter which site you place your orders as they are all cumulative. Check out the details

Orders 1-5 in September = 10% bonus on each order
Orders 6-10 in September = 15% bonus on each order
Orders 11-15 in September = 20% bonus on each order
Orders 16+ in September = 25% bonus on each order

So letís say you order once a day this month on our Cash site. Thatís 31 orders. The first 5 would be $44 each [$220 total]. The next 5 would be $46 each [$230 total]. The next 5 would be $48 each [$240 total]. Then the remaining 16 orders would be valued at $50 each [$800 total]. Grand total being $1,490 vs. $1,240 without bonuses!

[bcaa10daf7a]Promotion #3[/bcaa10daf7a]
Free random bonuses! Every Monday-Friday in September we will be giving away a $20 (22 times)! To be eligible you simply need to place an order on one of the days we are giving away $20. Each day I will post a new thread with the winner and your $20 will be paid on your next order with us. Since this is a random drawing there is no limit on how many times you can win on this promotion!

[bcaa10daf7a]Promotion #4[/bcaa10daf7a]
Proof picture promotion! 4 users have a shot at winning the following (your choice)

1.$50.00 PayPal
2.$50.00 iTunes Music Card
3.$50.00 Gift Card of your choice
4.1GB iPod Shuffle choice of color

Now youíre asking? Well how do I win? Simply post your proof pictures up in this forum!

2 prizes will be given away to the most proof pictures posted in September (no duplicates)
2 prizes will be given away in a raffle for everyone else who posts a proof picture

To help us out a bit, please number your proof pics when posting them. This will help out a lot to ensure that the correct winners get their prize as it did take us a while last time to get it verified.

[bcaa10daf7a]Promotion #5[/bcaa10daf7a]
We really were going to stop this, but Jeff pointed out everyone else is doing itÖso why not us? Free greens! We will allow everyone to obtain three free greens from us as long as you sign up unreferred! Post here with your referral ID and your green will be issued promptly! If you want more contact me and Iíll see what I can do =)

So all in all about the same as last month. Guaranteed credits are the major part, which benefits you quite a bit. It means more greens for you and I have noticed referrals are more willing to do a site offering guaranteed credits Ė so you might want to put that in your thread somewhere as it might help you get more referrals in general! Sorry no partials this month, we already had most of this planned and didnít want to take anything else major out. We are going to try and squeeze it in next month, I promise D


03-09-2008 22:42:00

Thanks Pat. Was curious & anxious already... This is kwel... looking forward to jump in & take advantage of these promos once again! D

Will look out for the partials coming up next month... that will be so fabulous 8)