Free Gas!!!

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02-08-2008 10:06:28

This is as per our "Friday Fill-ups in August!" promotion. Every Friday in August [excluding the 1st] we will be giving away a $100 gas card of your choice! To be eligible simply post in this thread with your referral ID for a chance to win. Your entry will be valid for all remaining entries at the time you submit it. No orders or anything else is required to win! [u58a4d4b116]One entry per "referral ID".[/u58a4d4b116]


02-08-2008 17:12:15

referral ID = cash.znz= 11491 bigcash.znz= 11488 allinone.znz= 11495 budget.znz = 11489 doublecash.znz = 11487 gifts.znz = 11497 iphone.znz
= 11492 ipods.znz = 11493 games.znz = 11494 paypal.znz = 11499 playstation.znz= 11498 wii.znz = 11496 xbox360.znz = 11490

Thats for zipnadazilch, heres 3 for allfreebieworld...

paypal.afw = 4531

80dollars.afw = 4530

bigcash.afw = 4529

Ok, theres all 16 of em... please enter me in the gas drawing with all these refs, sorry to put you through more work, lol... when your not feeling well cry


05-08-2008 08:52:23

Are we supposed to enter the draw with all out ref IDs? Thought it is just one referral ID per user... Ok, please put me in the draw with these D

Cash ID #8275
PayPal ID #11364
Budget ID #11365
iPods ID#8352
Gifts ID#11366
PlayStation ID#11367
BigCash ID#11756
Wii ID#11758
iPhone ID#11849
DoubleCash ID#11853
Games ID#11850
xBox360 ID#11851
AllinOne ID#11852


14-08-2008 17:16:19

Ref # 1925. Thanks Patrick for all the great givaways!!!!!!!!!!