Referral Race Update 2

Live forum:


10-07-2008 16:22:45

If you feel your name should be on the board and is not please send in a support ticket (remember you have to do so to get on the list), or if you feel you have more completed referrals than stated please send in a support ticket as well! This was updated from 3PM - 6PM CST so if you gathered referrals after 3PM they may not be included in this update.

1st with 13 referrals - Terri E.

2nd with 10 referrals - Joseph S.

3rd with 8 referrals - Lori W.

4th with 7 referrals - Katie K.

5th & 6th with 6 referrals - Gina G. & Samantha L.

7th with 5 referrals - Brandy B.

8th, 9th & 10th with 4 referrals - Candace G., Jamie M. & Gregory F.

11th with 3 referrals Khemara D.

12th 16th with 2 referrals
Melissa S.
Sarah B.
Michele M.
Kristina J.
Jerry M.

17th 31st all with 1 referral
Micky F.
Bret P.
Steven C.
Darin L.
Patricia G.
Linda H.
Edie E.
Jennifer Z.
Harooon B.
Andre S.
Sanette S.
John H.
Barb E.
Kathryn H.
Evonne M.

32nd 57th all with 0 referrals
Tyree B.
Jerry B.
Onna M.
Molina C.
Rick H.
Erica H.
Raven H.
Robin P.
Artrina B.
Coral R.
Preston S.
Jim H.
Joanna B.
Leslie S.
Kelly C.
Bibi T.
Daniel G.
Cherie C.
Sonia P.
Tammy Y.
Sean T.
Gina B.
Robert B.
Vernon A.
Penney M.
Bryan P.