Wii Giveaway! Yay! :P

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04-07-2008 01:17:42

Simply post in here with one of your referral ids (whatever you feel lucky with!) to have a shot at winning this Wii! No cash outs, refs, or anything else are needed to win this! One entry per person is allowed no matter how many sites you are signed up on of ours. Any multiple entries will disqualify all entries from that user. Raffle will be held on August 1st!

An example of a referral id would be 2639. Itís the number found at the end of your referral link! Good luck! D D


04-07-2008 12:07:25

This is so cool!!

wii.zipnadazilch - ref #1925


16-07-2008 18:43:59

Hey, add me into this, paypal.zipnadazilch.com ref #11499