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08-06-2008 14:40:17

first of all, this post is not meant to start an argument and is simply about my experience with this site. I did cash.zipnadazilch, and after spending hours completing offers (because I am VERY careful with freebie sites not to do anything wrong), all 3 of them finally credited, and were all billed to me. After a couple of days, my account turned red. I contacted their AIM support about the issue, and was told it was because I provided them with false information. This was confusing to me because I provided correct information to the site and to all the sponsors of the site. When I asked for clarification, I was told that my birthday was incorrect. Yep thats right; I gave the site my birthday, and he told me no that wasn't my birthday. The site owner must know my birthday better than I do. He told me that some site that I had signed up for in my life (didnt even say weather it was a freebie site or not) had a different birthday on file for me. I already knew this was a lie because I never gave another site a different birthday. He would not tell me which site said my birthday was wrong, because it was classified information. This is very shady to me because its my information! How can it be classified from me! I was told I could provide my drivers license as well as a utility bill to remove the hold and I was planning on doing that, however in the end I decided that I do not want my personal information being given to a new and shady site such as this one. The point is, I urge people to stick with the well known sites if they don't want to get ripped off. Dont end up in the situation that I did!


08-06-2008 17:35:35

Sorry to hear about this... I have not had a problem with them yet...
YET being the key word.


08-06-2008 18:02:22

Theres nothing on the ID that you didn't give the site already... just give the ID to him and black out the ID number or something.


08-06-2008 21:16:56

I've had great luck with this site.


09-06-2008 00:57:05

I believe you were banned on our sites for fraud as well.


15-06-2008 22:14:42

Guess I need to start posting here again as someone notified me of this post. I looked up your account and looked everything up again, and indeed your year of your birthday is inaccurate on either our site or the other two. Like I mentioned in AIM you can block out your DL# as well as your SS# if it's on there. Everything else on your ID is simply your name, address, etc, which we already have on file with your account assuming it's accurate.

Also as some notes, they are freebie sites and you never asked that or else I would have let you know. Also, call us new, but we have been around for a year now and are quite known thank you very much. We have nothing to hide here so please feel free to comment back. I will also be contact these other sites to see what they think about the situation.