– New Year’s Promotions!

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02-01-2008 13:59:57

Hello everyone! First off we would like to thank each and every one of our members for your continued support with us. We hope everybody had a great 2007, but it’s 2008 now, so we wish everyone the best as this New Year unfolds. Now then, onto the good part!


[b5eb7eb7984]#1[/b5eb7eb7984] – To celebrate the New Year, on certain orders we may just add an extra bonus for no reason! Be sure to check your payments!

[b5eb7eb7984]#2[/b5eb7eb7984] – Do you like getting the fast dime or slow dollar? Well for now, the choice is yours.

-For those of you that want that fast dime, we are letting you cash out with a single referral this month at full value! Just send in a support ticket.

-And for those who like getting that slow dollar, if you cash out with 4 or referrals more get an extra 15% bonus on top of your orders!

[b5eb7eb7984]#3[/b5eb7eb7984] – Simply give us some input about our sites. Tell us what we are doing right, and what we are doing wrong. Ways to improve our site and anything else of the nature. Anyone who submits a valid suggestion (our discretion), will receive $5 absolutely free, even if you don’t have an account with us.

[b5eb7eb7984]#4[/b5eb7eb7984] – The heavenly partial credit promotion that everybody loves and has asked me about, but with some rules unfortunately. Note You must submit a support ticket with all the partial referrals you wish to cash out with, and we will give you your total amount.

-Only referrals who have signed up in January will qualify for this promotion.

-You will have until February 1st to claim all of your referrals.

[b5eb7eb7984]#5[/b5eb7eb7984] – Feeling left out? Want to participate, but haven’t gotten a chance to try out our sites? Well, from now until January 15th, we will be giving away free greens on all of our sites. You can choose one, or all nine if you wish! Please post here with your referral ids to receive your free greens (must be un-referred).

That is all as of this moment. I know a lot of you wanted the partial credit promotion to be for all referrals, but unfortunately we are not able to do that at this moment. We apologize for this, but we still appreciate and consider all comments you tell us. Also, we would like to let everyone know our new design is almost completed, as I know a few of you have been asking about it.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to post them or shoot me a personal message. I am also available on AIM throughout the day at ‘ZNZ Brad’. Thanks, and may 2008 be an even more prosperous year for all of us.



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11-01-2008 08:13:45

Hi. I just signed up for all your sites unreferred. Lovin' the free greens. Here are my id's


Thanks Again. -N