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04-11-2007 14:22:19

Hey everyone! Got some great promotions for this month, hopefully everyone likes them. If anyone else has any suggestions on what they would like to see, please let us know =)

[bb32cf37ed9]Promotion #1[/bb32cf37ed9]
Month long contest for choice of any iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Video, iPhone, iTouch, or Zune. To qualify for this raffle, you must cash out at least $400 in the month of November. The $400 can be combined from all of our sites.

[bb32cf37ed9] Promotion #2[/bb32cf37ed9]
First user to cash out with at least 9 referrals in one order will receive an additional bonus of $100.

[bb32cf37ed9] Promotion #3[/bb32cf37ed9]
Referral Race. To qualify, you must have at least 8 credits among our sites. Each green referral is worth 1 credit, except on Xbox 360 and DoubleCash they are worth 2, and on All in One they are worth 3! To join in this race, you must send in a support ticket asking to enter. The prizes are as follows

1st. $450
2nd. $250
3rd. $150
4th. $100
5th. $50

[bb32cf37ed9] Promotion #4[/bb32cf37ed9]
Any new user who signs up during the month of November and has their first cash out during the month of November will be entered to win an iPod Shuffle in our raffle.

[bb32cf37ed9] Promotion #5[/bb32cf37ed9]
Win a Gift Card of your choice ($50.00) We are giving away two of these. All you need to do is order within the month of November to get entered into this raffle!

[bb32cf37ed9] Promotion #6[/bb32cf37ed9]
Hate having referrals having partial credits? Well, for a limited time on all of our sites, you can cash in your partial referrals on our AllinOne site during the month of November!

[bb32cf37ed9] Promotion #7[/bb32cf37ed9]
Very limited free greens. Each user may pick 2 sites to get a free green on. Our original 7 sites we are only handing out 1 per site, and our 2 new ones (DoubleCash + All in One), we are giving out 15 greens per site. This is on a per forum basis, so if you don't get what you want here, go check on the other forums. Just post here with which sites you want, or open up a support ticket.

What's Left (free greens)
PayPal - 1
iPhone - 1
Gifts - 1
Playstation - 1
Wii - 1
Xbox 360 - 1
DoubleCash - 15
AllinOne - 14[]


10-11-2007 02:23:46

Bump =)


23-11-2007 18:10:30

is there still a free green for paypal? If so do I just sign up unreferred and give you my id?


23-11-2007 20:25:12

Do u still have free green at your two new sites? Is it okay to get green at those two? (you posted above free green at two sites only)


03-12-2007 14:37:13

hi patrick and crew. i was wondering if those contest results were in yet?

thanks all. the best site i have worked with!!