May Promotions have arrived! Everything you want & more!

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14-07-2007 12:49:14

Keeping these nearly the same as March & April due to popular request! )

[b8adb739d2a]Promotion #1 Weekly Referral Races[/b8adb739d2a]
Giving the weekly referral races another try! I thought about doing the 3 referral races all at once again but I think I'll save that for another month! $625 is being given away each week; $2,500 for the month just for the referral races!

1st Race May 1st - May 7th
2nd Race May 8th - May 15th
3rd Race May 16th - May 23rd
4th Race May 24th - May 31st

And the prizes for each week )

1st $200
2nd $150
3rd $100
4th $50
5th $40
6th $30
7th $30
8th $25

All races end on 1159 PM CST at the day stated. Places will be determined by the total cash value each user cashes out during the week specified between ALL of our sites & networks. You must enter a support ticket to get entered into this promotion. Once entered you are automatically entered into all 4 weeks.

[b8adb739d2a]Promotion #2 Guaranteed Credits[/b8adb739d2a]
[list8adb739d2a]-Only offers completed during May will be eligible
-You must submit the original confirmation email with full headers
-A maximum of 3 missing credit requests per user will be accepted.[/listu8adb739d2a]To get your missing credit, simply file a missing credit request with us providing all the necessary information. If your offer has not credited within 1 day from submitting your request, we will automatically grant you/your referrals credit!

[b8adb739d2a]Promotion #3 Tiered Bonuses[/b8adb739d2a]
Orders #1-5 in May = 15% bonus on each order
Orders #6-10 in May = 20% bonus on each order
Orders #11+ in May = 25% bonus on each order

[b8adb739d2a]Promotion #4 Giveaway![/b8adb739d2a]
Every week we will be giving away a $50 gift card of your choice (no gas cards) to 3 random users. All you have to do to be entered into this drawing is place an order with us during that week and we will having a random drawing every Saturday and post the winners up in our forum )

[b8adb739d2a]Promotion #5 Partial Credit Cashouts[/b8adb739d2a]
For those of you who don’t know, a “partial credit referral” is a referral one has signed up under you and has not completed their requirements. This promotion will allow you to cash those users out. Now how can you do that? Quite simple. On any specific site of ours, cash out 3 referrals, and on your 3rd order open up a support ticket letting us know who you want cashed out. The partial credit must be on the same site as the 3 orders. Partial credit referrals will be worth their face value (ex 0.50 on our Cash site = $20)!

[b8adb739d2a]Promotion #6 Proof Picture Contest[/b8adb739d2a]
[list8adb739d2a] -1 user with the most proof pictures will win $75
-1 user with the highest dollar amount single proof picture will win $75
-2 random users who posts a proof picture will win $50[/listu8adb739d2a]Only proof pictures listed in our May Proof Picture Thread will be counted. No duplicate pictures allowed & all proof pictures must be from May to count. Additionally, each order number will be counted as one proof picture so multiple orders in one payment will count as multiple pictures!

[b8adb739d2a]Promotion #7 Free Green[/b8adb739d2a]
Looking for a free green? Send us some input about our site (can be positive or negative) in a support ticket and we will give you a free green as long as you are unreferred!

liPlease note that our “Easy” site does not qualify for promotions #2 & #3


14-07-2007 14:04:39

Got my Free Greens on all 7 sites...Can't wait to start working them!!

Thanks a lot Guys!


15-07-2007 14:49:22

Still got a few left for FiPG )


16-07-2007 16:06:06

Signed up for all of them ...Thanks for the promo. Im updating my sites so I might start on these right away D When are the payouts scheduled for?


16-07-2007 16:42:15

Payouts are instant as of now, unless something comes up, but that's unlikely.


18-07-2007 12:15:32

Got some more for FiPG )


18-07-2007 13:17:41

Count me in i just cant sign up b/c i am school /


18-07-2007 19:26:58

Just signed up on paypal.znz! D Thanks!


18-07-2007 20:00:52

nice looking sites! looking forward to working with them.
signed up to wii, paypal, and gifts...


18-07-2007 20:58:20

got the greens! thanks!


23-07-2007 07:14:32

Hi there,

Hope I'm not too late to sign up!

Margot D


26-07-2007 14:00:01

Very nice looking sites..... any free greens left?


26-07-2007 14:27:50

[quote0e162fa8d7="krayf"]Very nice looking sites..... any free greens left?[/quote0e162fa8d7]

Yes there is P


26-07-2007 16:01:20

Sweet... got my free green!!!


27-07-2007 09:42:48

I signed up also. Free green for me, huh ?
BTW, any custom orders allowed ?


28-07-2007 14:47:13

[quote09b08bfa6a="janob288"]I signed up also. Free green for me, huh ?
BTW, any custom orders allowed ?[/quote09b08bfa6a]

Sorry if it took so long, I have work in the morning, so I couldn't get to you until I got home.

As far as custom orders go, we allow them, but only for certain orders. Just send in a ticket and we will let you know )


01-08-2008 07:47:02

Thanks ZNZ! You rock D

Waiting for AUGUST promos 8)