My first payment from ANY site! - $100 on Sony.v-bux

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13-02-2008 19:29:27

[img462265df97]http/" alt=""/"172/7448/[" alt=""/img462265df97][=http//img="][img462265df97]http/" alt=""/"172/7448/[" alt=""/img462265df97]

My reference green[/color462265df97]ed quickly and I was approved and paid[/color462265df97] by v-bux[/color462265df97] the same day I submitted my order. Thanks[/color462265df97] to them both![/size462265df97]


16-04-2008 19:17:56

Hey that is awesome!!! Congratulations! The first payment from a site is the BEST!

I hope you get alot more!