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V-Bux Jon

25-12-2007 13:55:17

[b5d579e22bc]URGENT OPERATION 'MERRY CHRISTMAS'[/b5d579e22bc][/color5d579e22bc][/size5d579e22bc]

The V-Bux family would live to wish everyone a warm, joyous Christmas, full of relaxation and enjoyment

[b5d579e22bc]In the spirit of the day, we are giving away EXCLUSIVE free V-Bux t-shirts to the first 100 people who post in this thread![/b5d579e22bc][/size5d579e22bc][/color5d579e22bc]

[b5d579e22bc][i5d579e22bc]Think about the number of referrals you can get just by wearing your t-shirt! When you wear the shirt, be sure to carry around a printout of your last V-Bux payment. When people ask about the shirt -- trust me, they will -- pull out the proof, and you'll be able to refer the masses! Memorbilia from freebie sites is extremely rare, and we're positive you'll love this shirt![/i5d579e22bc][/b5d579e22bc]

[b5d579e22bc]This will mark "Holiday Bonanza" number three [/b5d579e22bc][/color5d579e22bc]http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=72415[]http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=72415

We extend our best wishes to the entire freebie community this Christmas, and we thank you for your continued support!

Your Friends from V-Bux[/b5d579e22bc]

[u5d579e22bc][i5d579e22bc]P.S. Throughout the course of the week, V-Bux will continue to release the remaining "Bonanzas" in the "V-Bux Holiday Bonanza" promotion. The promotion will climax as the ball drops on New Year's, when we will unveil the fifth and final "Bonanza!"[/i5d579e22bc]

[i5d579e22bc]P.S.S. Throughout the course of the promotion, we will be PMing the first 100 posters, gathering their t-shirt size and shipping information.[/i5d579e22bc][/u5d579e22bc]


25-12-2007 15:56:26

Merry Christmas Jon and the rest of the Vbux Staff I finaly completed all my offer on one site woohoo now its time to get some refs oh yeah !


25-12-2007 18:32:35

Sure why not?


25-12-2007 20:27:08

Merry Xmas to the VBux family. Thanks for all the support you guys have been given!!! )

V-Bux Dave

25-12-2007 21:23:40

As of right now, there are still 41 T-shirts to be given away!

V-Bux Dave

27-12-2007 07:55:56

As of right now, we have 104 Posts combined on the 3 forums we're running this promo on. I'll see if I can talk Jon into springing for the extra 4 T-shirts!

Congratulations to all the winners!


27-12-2007 11:44:44

Who are the winners is there a list ?

V-Bux Dave

30-12-2007 18:46:24

I have now sent PMs to all the winners from Free iPod Guide asking for you mailing address and T-shirt size. If you posted in this thread and did not get a PM from, please PM me with that information.