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V-Bux Jon

25-12-2007 13:28:29

[bad18c12853]12/25/07 UPDATE[/bad18c12853] [uad18c12853]Throughout the course of the week, V-Bux will continue to release the remaining "Bonanzas" in the "V-Bux Holiday Bonanza" promotion. The promotion will climax as the ball drops on New Year's, when we will unveil the fifth and final "Bonanza!"[/uad18c12853]

[bad18c12853]HOLIDAY BONANZA V-Bux Style[/sizead18c12853][/colorad18c12853][/bad18c12853]

[bad18c12853]During the Holiday Season, V-Bux is the place to be…[/bad18c12853]

Spend the next few weeks with V-Bux as we celebrate the season in unprecedented style! Below you will find the latest updates on our Holiday Bonanza.

Sit back and enjoy the Holiday Season with us!


[bad18c12853]November 25, 2007 -- Exactly One Month Before Christmas[/bad18c12853]
For Immediate Release

As you enter our Corporate Headquarters, you are greeted with a copious mug of steaming hot chocolate. The red and green mug warms your entire body as you wrap your cold hands around it. Instinctively, you take a seat in a plush leather recliner in the lobby of our main building, sinking into its warm embrace. In front of you lies a freshly made batch of golden gingerbread men. The cookies' seasonal aroma spice the room as a festive fire roars beside you. A sparkling silver ornament dangles from a handsome Christmas tree, reflecting the fires' dancing flames. You become lost in the trees vast beauty – it is flawlessly decorated with silver bulbs, golden streamers, and twinkling lights. At its base sits an ornately wrapped Christmas present that bears your name. You carefully unwrap the red ribbon that garnishes the box and, inside, find a laptop. After further examination, you discover that the laptop is turned on, and a webpage is loading on the screen. The site's design looks oddly familiar, but you know that you have not seen it before…. Then you realize – It's one of the NEW V-Bux websites!!!!

[bad18c12853]Holiday Bonanza 1 Launch of TWO new V-Bux SITES[/bad18c12853][/colorad18c12853][/sizead18c12853]

Christmas.V-Bux.Com - $100 per referral
Highrollers.V-Bux.Com - $125 per referral

[bad18c12853]Holiday Bonanza 2 FREE CREDIT ON NEW SITES![/bad18c12853][/colorad18c12853][/sizead18c12853]

[bad18c12853]Simply sign-up with the following links, and you will receive full credit[/bad18c12853]

[bad18c12853]Holiday Bonanza 3 V-Bux, You, and YouTube[/bad18c12853][/colorad18c12853][/sizead18c12853]

[bad18c12853]YouTube Promotion [/bad18c12853]

[bad18c12853]Click Here[/bad18c12853] http//[]http//
[bad18c12853]Ends [/bad18c12853]December 31st

[bad18c12853]Holiday Bonanza 4 Operation "Merry Christmas"[/bad18c12853] [/colorad18c12853][/sizead18c12853]

[bad18c12853]100 FREE T-SHIRTS[/bad18c12853]
[bad18c12853]Click here[/bad18c12853] http//[]http//

Holiday Bonanza 5 To be announced soon…[/sizead18c12853][/colorad18c12853]