Important Announcement: Support Delays

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V-Bux Dave

18-12-2007 15:12:04

To everyone who has been trying to get a response from us in support, we offer a heartfelt apology.

We have encountered a problem with our administrative access to the support database, and I have been unable to access trouble tickets to respond to them for the past 36 hours. Users can still submit and view trouble tickets, but we cannot respond to them.

Jon is working diligently to fix the problem. Hopefully, we'll have it back up sometime this evening, and hope to have the backlog cleared by morning.

In the meantime, if you have an urgent issue, [b5c455a3c83]email=[/b5c455a3c83] me direct at[/b5c455a3c83] me direct at [b5c455a3c83]Please include in your email the site that you're on (dell, apple, highrollers, etc.) and your referral ID number.[/b5c455a3c83] This information is normally supplied to me automatically by the ticketing system, but is normally missing from emails.

We will do our best to return to our normal high standard of responsiveness as quickly as possible.