VBUX is the BEST!!! $6340 from them to date!

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05-12-2007 13:42:29

Since it is near the end of the year I have been reflecting and assessing what freebie sites have been the best in the following categories

[b2592f1bb4c]TRIAL OFFERS[/b2592f1bb4c]-Does the site have enough trial offers that will appeal to the broad range of referrals that come my way?

[b2592f1bb4c]CREDITING[/b2592f1bb4c]-How well do the trial offers credit for my referrals?

[b2592f1bb4c]SUPPORT[/b2592f1bb4c]-Does their staff respond to issues?

[b2592f1bb4c]PROMPTNESS OF PAYMENT[/b2592f1bb4c]-How quickly from the time I send a payment request before I get paid?

[b2592f1bb4c]FLEXIBILITY/FAIRNESS/HONESTY[/b2592f1bb4c]-How willing is the staff to work with issues that fall outside the normal support type issues and are they willing to work with me or my referrals on problems?


After reviewing the 6 sites I have worked with since March of this year,[b2592f1bb4c] I am voting for VBUX as #1 in every category above.[/b2592f1bb4c]

There are other sites that faired well (and some that just stunk) but VBUX comes out on top.

As a result of my findings I am writing this MESSAGE TO ALL OUT THERE.

[b2592f1bb4c]If you are not referring others to VBUX you are cheating yourself out of a great company to work with.[/color2592f1bb4c][/b2592f1bb4c]

Here are some proof of payment shots and let me just say with the launch of the two new sites I hope to add 1000 more referrals in 2008!



http//www.instantpaypalcash.com/images/vbux1.jpg[" alt=""/img2592f1bb4c]


[img="2592f1bb4c]http//www.instantpaypalcash.com/images/vbux2.jpg[" alt=""/img2592f1bb4c]


[img="2592f1bb4c]http//www.instantpaypalcash.com/images/vbux3.jpg[" alt=""/img2592f1bb4c]


[img="2592f1bb4c]http//www.instantpaypalcash.com/images/vbux4.jpg[" alt=""/img2592f1bb4c]


[img="2592f1bb4c]http//www.instantpaypalcash.com/images/vbux5.jpg[" alt=""/img2592f1bb4c]