Change Gift After Sending in Request?

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22-08-2007 20:13:53

I sent in my order on Sony.V-Bux and it was still in the "pending" stage when I received another referral and I was wondering if since it has not been approved yet if I can change the order.

V-Bux Dave

23-08-2007 08:47:52

Hello, Jeremiah,

Yes. Just open a support ticket and give us the updated information. We'll take care of it.


23-08-2007 10:19:14

All right thank you, the ticket has been sent in. Also, what is your sites approval/payment schedule? This is my first time completing a site for you guys and I did not know if you had certain days that prizes were all shipped out on or what.

V-Bux Dave

24-08-2007 09:12:56

Currently, because of the workload associated with the recent burst of fraudulent activity and the need to more diligently verify each order, we are running approximately a 7 business day turn around for order processing. We hope to get that back down in the near future as the fraud level drops off and becomes more manageable.


24-08-2007 12:02:33

All right thanks for the update. You guys aint kiddin about the fraud level, its getting rediculous recently.